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Our Founders Dustin and Mendy have been in the fitness industry since 2016.  

Dustin is a United States Army Veteran who was injured twice, while deployed to Iraq.  He was placed on 14 different medications that made him feel numb to the world.  Through proper diet, exercise and supplementation he was able to get off all of those medications. He started to work out and change his diet, was able to get off almost all of the medications. At the age of 37 he competed in his first body building show, and continues to keep in shape to compete in the future.

Mendy has also suffered with depression and anxiety since she was little, and at one time was on 3 different medications for it. She figured out that what you eat can not only mess with your waist line but also mess with your mood, brain, mind.  It all goes hand and hand. She found natural supplements that helped to calm her nerves, and that diet is so important for anxiety and depression as well.

Dustin and Mendy believe in the power of taking care of your body and have experienced the importance first hand. 

Together Dustin and Mendy have helped people lose weight and gain muscle through meal plans.  They have taught them how to eat and what vitamins and supplements would help them get to were they want to be.  With proper diet and exercise you can feel, live better, play better.