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EndurElite Recover Elite Front View Berries and Cream
EndurElite Recover Elite Front View Tropical Cooler
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EndurElite Recover Elite Front View Tropical Cooler


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Get ready to come back stronger and faster. RECOVER ELITE is scientifically engineered to refuel and repair exhausted muscle so that you can quickly recover from your most intense training sessions and do it all over again. RECOVER ELITE is SWEETENED WITH STEVIA, so it contains no aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, xylitol, or acesulfame-K.

Hard training is essential to increasing performance, breaking records, and experiencing the kind of results you expect from a life dedicated to proper diet and exercise. And, as important as hard training is, you can really only train as effectively as you recover. In other words, while the focus tends to be on training, it’s key to place equal emphasis on recovery. Your ability to set PRs, go stronger, last longer, etc. is directly tied to how effectively your muscles and nervous system have recovered from the previous training session.

Years of intensive scientific research have shown us that post-workout supplementation can play a pivotal role in supporting the body’s ability to recover quickly by replenishing glycogen, halting protein breakdown, enhancing protein synthesis, and more. Essentially, the more effectively you recover, the more frequently you’ll be able to train hard, thereby improving at a greater rate. This is precisely why RECOVER ELITE  was created — to be the most advanced, scientifically-backed, and effective recovery supplement for endurance athletes on the market!


Carbs fuel elite performance. There’s no two ways about it.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements use poor-quality, suboptimal sources of carbohydrates that can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish or, worse, sprinting for the bathroom. We’ve addressed those issues (and more) with our novel tri-phasic energy blend containing:

  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Cluster Dextrin

You may be wondering why RECOVER ELITE includes three forms of carbohydrates. The truth is that the body can absorb only so much glucose (dextrose) at a time. However, research has shown us that combining different carbohydrate sources (such as dextrose and fructose) can increase total exogenous carbohydrate availability, allowing for greater carbohydrate use[1,2], which supports better performance and recovery than consuming only glucose.

Fructose co-ingestion is also noted to accelerate post‐exercise liver glycogen repletion rates, which is desirable when athletes have a quick turnaround between training sessions (<24 hours between intense activities).

GI distress is a common complaint among athletes who take carbohydrate supplements. This is due to using poor-quality carbohydrates that are heavy on the stomach and to consuming too much in a given time frame. Combining fructose with glucose can lower gastrointestinal distress when you ingest relatively large amounts of carbohydrate (>1.2 g/kg/h) during post‐exercise recovery.[1,2]


Carbohydrates are key to efficient recovery, but research has shown that for truly eliterecovery, it’s beneficial to ingest protein alongside carbohydrates. Scientists have researched a number of carb-to-protein ratios over the years, but the most extensively studied is the 4:1 ratio.[3]

RECOVER ELITE supplies 14.4 grams of whey protein isolate 90%, plus 1.2 grams of L-leucine. This maintains the 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio supported by research while also supplying a full 2.5 grams of leucine, thereby fully stimulating the mTOR pathway to kick-start protein synthesis, ignite muscle recovery, and halt muscle breakdown.

When you’re looking to optimize recovery, every second counts. That’s part of the reason we included whey protein isolate. It contains minimal amounts of fat or lactose, thereby increasing the speed of digestion while reducing the risk of GI distress due to a high lactose concentration (which is prevalent in lower-quality, or cheaper, protein sources).


RECOVER ELITE is designed to facilitate rapid glycogen replenishment, halt muscle breakdown, and kick-start the body’s inherent recovery mechanisms. So, we suggest consuming 1 to 1.5 servings of RECOVER ELITE immediately after training.

If you are competing or training multiple times in the same day, you may want to consume 1 to 1.5 serving(s) immediately and then every 1 to 4 hours afterward, between bouts of training.

While RECOVER ELITE is intended to be used as a post-workout recovery supplement, it can also serve as a between-meals snack or on-the-go option when you’re pressed for time and need to get in high-quality nutrition to fuel your mind and body.


Consume 1 to 1.5 servings of RECOVER ELITE immediately after intense training. If you are performing a lighter training session, consume 0.5 to 1 serving (depending on intensity of training and body weight).

Pickup available at 27920 Tomball Parkway, Ste. 260

Usually ready in 1 hour

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Jarboe
Great Recovery

I ride my mountain bike on the weekends and to help with my legs with recovering after the ride, got recommended this product and it works great. Before I use to not have any energy after the ride and would have to take a heavy nap afterwards. Now after my ride I make my recovery drink and can make it through the rest of my day. 5/5

Thanks for your feedback. We are happy to hear this product has been beneficial to you.